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A first responder wants to integrate full motion security video within a visual environment created from 3D building plans in order to better prepare for threats, both natural and manmade. Law enforcement agencies want to project “view and do” capability to agents with smartphones over a thousand square miles of US coastline. The monitoring and protection of a country’s key infrastructure will depend on the consolidation of satellite and ground level imagery, surveillance and visual intelligence into a 360 degree immersive environment that can immediately prepare arriving responders with their tasks should a threat arise.

These are not hypothetical situations. This is what A Visual Edge can do.

We are specialists in creating a common operational picture by acquiring virtually every form of visual intelligence and GIS information and molding results that governments, tactical teams, law enforcement, and first responders can use to create affordable situational awareness scenarios—for training or real-time surveillance—in a trusted environment. We specialize in open solutions that work with our clients’ existing infrastructure, and we are foremost honest brokers among multiple agency partners. If our purpose was distilled into a single word, it would be collaboration.